design sizes: 3in. squares; 5in. squares; 4in. balls; on 14 ct aida


Price includes: 17 pages with color charts and keys for 25 total ornament designs (additional designs for the styrofoam ball not shown in photo); a color photo of the designs and selected finished pieces. This set includes complete directions for finishing the puffed ornaments, making puffed frames, beading and trimming suggestions, ideas for decorating the back sides of the square ornaments; 8 designs for decorating 4" styrofoam balls, and a snowball ornament using white yarn, white felt, and ornate small buttons and embellishments. Plus, a lemony-light snow pudding recipe to complete the festive fun, and a few sewing room tips and a few simple embroidery stitches. These designs can also be used to make coasters, magnets, greeting cards, and other small projects for the holidays. Fabrics, trims, and embellishments not included but all are easy to find at craft stores or online.

International, HI, AK available as PDF only