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I have always loved to design—from the time I was six years old drawing faces and figures around the nail heads of my father’s newly sheet-rocked walls, to the 50-something years later spending enjoyable evenings at my computer arranging blocks of color in a cross stitch grid, or sketching out a new idea for a design. All this after working a full-time job—designing! I love to design—creating and arranging and sewing and gluing pieces together. I love working with fabrics and paper and beads and ribbons. These things have been a great source of satisfaction in my life.

The ability to share in the creative process is not only rewarding, but also a bit humbling. I am in awe of the talented stitchers I have seen. I have great respect for their patience and great admiration for their ability. My mother is one of those stitchers. Though she is not a designer by trade, she is most definitely a designer at heart. She is the reason I am able to present my designs to the public by way of this website, having stitched every design you will see here, and making recommendations and suggestions that helped me understand more about the relationship between floss and fabric. She tested them all, and my designs are greatly improved because of her. Her love of stitching; my love of design. We have enjoyed these past few years very much.

From sketching around those nail heads, to my art school days, to my office at work, and now to my small studio at home—my goal is to provide patterns and ideas and inspiration. My hope is that you will find something here that you enjoy stitching or sewing or crafting, and will be inspired by my love of design, even if only in a small way. Thank you for visiting my site. Please enjoy yourself, and come again.

Margo (and Mom)

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