The October Kitchen Collection

framed design: 6.7in.w x 3.8in.h on 14 ct

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Price includes: color charts and color keys for stitching a design to frame, and coordinated designs to make a plant pot cover, a magnet, a napkin holder, and a breadcloth. Each lists floss colors for DMC, Anchor, and JPC. Also includes a color photo of the finished pieces, large, easy-to-follow black and white charts with symbols and a black and white key for each; and backstitch information. Plus you’ll find framing tips and complete sewing and finishing directions for making the planter cover and napkins, and directions for making the napkin ring and magnet; and from my recipe box, a favorite banana bread recipe! Adapt the small designs and border to make a decoration for a basket, a dishtowel, a handtowel, mugs, a trivet, or tablemat, or use on any stitchable. (Frame, basket, plant pot, and fabrics not included.) Best for the stitcher with some experience.

International, HI, AK available as PDF only