Christmas Tweets Cardholder Wall Hanging and Matching Decorations

border: 6.87in. in.w x .75in.h on 14 ct; bird: 2.75in.w x 3.75in.h on 14 ct

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Price includes: a color chart and color key for the bird and border listing floss colors for DMC; a color print of the finished stitching; large, easy-to-follow black and white charts with symbols and a black and white key; and backstitch information. Included are complete, step-by-step directions for making a greeting card or note pad wall hanging. It has a large padded pocket on the bottom using the border design, and is decorated on the top with a chickadee design and a small pocket for a pen. The choice of fabrics can vary to your own taste, using any red and green Christmas cotton prints. Also included are step-by-step directions and patterns for making a candle with the chickadee stitching; mugs with the border design; a tree decoration using felt and fabrics; a fabric-covered 4" ball ornament; and a felt chickadee ornament. Perfect for all experience levels; all fun to make. Fabrics, mugs, glass, and materials for making these projects are not included but can easily be found at craft shops.

International, HI, AK available as PDF only