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25 Little Bits with Project Directions

small pieces vary in size; all stitched on 14 ct
Design # - 302-3

Price includes: color charts and color keys listing floss colors for DMC, Anchor, and JPC; color photos for all 25 finished pieces; large, easy-to-follow black and white charts with symbols and a black and white key; and backstitch information. Includes tips and directions for covering and decorating keepsake boxes and making pins with these designs, which are fun to wear on hats, scarves, and coats. Use for other creative projects, too, such as magnets; greeting cards; and seasonal ornaments. Plus, you can stitch these designs on other items such as coasters, napkins, mugs, towels, bread cloths -- all ready made for stitching and available at craft stores. A fun selection for all stitchers. (Boxes, fabrics, and trimming materials not included).

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Each design in your order will include a color print of the finished piece; a large, easy-to-follow black and white chart with symbols and chart key; a color chart with color key; floss color numbers; project dimensions and fabric requirements; and backstitch information. Complete and clear directions are included for all the projects requiring sewing. And here and there you will find a special recipe, some gift suggestions, or seasonal how-to’s and special projects.   

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